5: The Importance of the Simulation

You need to simulate the action of the escapement on a computer to determine if the drawing works in practice, without having to make the parts first to find out. I was able to rotate the escape wheel by one degree at a time, and the pallet in the same manner, to simulate the action in practice. There was binding because there was no inside drop.

There was also no outside drop.

The creation of drop results in the escape tooth landing on the pallet's impulse face, which causes recoil action. In order to avoid this, the pallets must be designed with impulse face angles that result in lowered efficiency. This is the modified Graham design as the ideal design had to be modified before it could be used in a simulation.

In theory, there should be 1 of lock and 1 of drop. However, the simulation works better with 2 of lock and drop.

During the simulation, the escape wheel and the pallets are rotated by one degree at a time in their respective directions.

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