Reese L. Cover (p. 313): born 1885; public schools, Randolph-Macon and William and Lee -- did not graduate. Superintendent of tannery.

Family: father's father: farmer, founded small tannery.
father: inherited tannery, took sons into partnership, acquired new plant.
brothers and sisters: one retired -- was a student, one miller -- was a student, one in fire insurance -- attended college, one died while attending college. None graduated.

Evaluation: Tanners for three generations. All of last generation started college; none finished.

Thomas J. Robinson (p. 319): farmer until 23 years old; attended college at Burneville, N.C., special health course at Johns Hopkins, school teacher and salesman, now federal employee in public health work, manages sanitarium.

Family: father: farmer.
mother: grew up on farm.
wife: high school graduate.

Evaluation: No further data. Civil service replaces agriculture. Some evidence of rising here.

Charles T. O'Neill (p 323): born 1891; public schools and U. of Richmond (B.S.); orchardist (120 acres); vice-president of bank in Charlottesville; county board of education; Sunday school supt.

Family: father: cigar manufacturer in Richmond, later merchant in small town and fruit grower.
brothers and sisters: one fruit-grower, two wives, one mining engineer.

Evaluation: Prominent man had middle-class father.

Russell Bargamin (p. 327): born 1876; high school and Richmond College of Law (B.L.); lawyer seven years, then orchardist, was on county Democratic committee, trustee of church; now one of owners and general managers of Crozet Cooperage company.

Family: father: attended Richmond College, businessman in Richmond.
son: student in Augusta military academy.

Evaluation: Son, father, and grandfather all bear the mark of respectability.

Captain H. Clay Michie (p. 333): born 1842; student at U. of Vir. when war broke out; became captain; became farmer (600 acres); once owned 3,000 acres in Alabama.

Family: father: extensive planter and slaveholder, influential, high sheriff, presiding justice.
father's father: presiding justice, whose father was high sheriff and presiding justice.
children: one wife of doctor, four names, one M.D., lieutenant-colonel in U.S.A.

Evaluation: The Civil War did not wreck this planter family. One wishes to know that those who are merely named do and how they live.

Gilbert Eugene Pence (p. 338): born 1883; local schools, Massanutten Academy, Washington and Lee, LL.B., lawyer, county attorney, major of Woodstock four years, sec'y of local church council.

Family: line of descent of family estate (farm): Conrad Penz, John Pence, Jonas Pence, William A. Pence, and Gilbert E. Pence.
father: common schools, farmer of old estate (size not mentioned).
wife: graduate of Randolph-Macon, church organist, was teacher.

Evaluation: Family of farmers, presumably neither planters nor small farmers, transfers its interest, in the case of one descendant, at least, to law and town politics.

J. Fulton Williams (p. 345): born 1872; tutored by father, U. of Baltimore medical department, M.D.; two lodges.

Family: father: educated by his father, Hampden-Sidney College, M.D., large practice, "patrician," elected twice to legislature, brother of a physician. His three sons were doctors.
father's father: doctor, graduate of a medical college in England, brother-in-law of Dr. J. Fulton.

Evaluation: Seven doctors in the house.

Carl Coleston Boyer (p. 353): born 1887; public schools, Massanutten Academy, Washington and Lee (AB.); high school principal, city council, church board, two lodges, sec'y of Boyer (his brother's) Grocery Company of Woodstock.

Family: father: farmer, merchant (member of son's firm).
father's father: farmer, little education, operator of furnace.
father's mother: daughter of a "squire," large landowner.
father's brothers: farmers and millers.
wife: graduate of college and conservatory of music.

Evaluation: There is evidence of social class mobility in the case of subject and his brother. Paternal grandmother was "somebody."

Charles W. Newman (p. 358): born 1886; public schools, student at V.M.I. and business school at Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; seed grower, live stock raiser, leading farmer. Inherited farm.

Family: farmer: common school, deputy sheriff, farmer
father's father: farmer.
sister: married son of Judge Allen of Woodstock.

Evaluation: Three generations of farmers. Slight increase in education.

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