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Amen Glass: in College Station, Texas. (979)485-2882 or (832)726-2765. Ask for Howard Jeffers. His office is at 2151 Harvey Mitchell Parkway South #212, close to Texas Avenue. Call first. I have had three pieces of glass replaced, and can say that Howard is prompt, polite, and does excellent work: highly recommended. He has a full-service glass company, offering residential and commercial glass, windows, shower enclosures, and more.

Mosheim Mansion: Step back in time and visit Carol Hirschi's exceptionally elegant Mosheim Mansion in Seguin, Texas. Call the Mosheim Mansion at (830) 372-9905 to experience an example of what a truly fine home was once like, for weddings, anniversary parties, corporate events, or for a family get-together.

The Czech Heritage Museum & Genealogy Center in Temple: having visited the Painted Churches, going to the Czech Museum in Temple became imperative. It has an extensive collection of artifacts pertaining to the daily lives of Czech immigrants in the Temple, Texas area.

Belton County Museum: has several exhibits with hundreds of artifacts and detailed history about Bell County, Texas, and the immigrants who settled and lived there. Belton is sixty miles north of Austin.

Dinosaurs in Texas: fossils and skeletons, mostly from Texas, including a pterosaur with its forty foot wing span.

The Painted Churches of Texas: visit some of the stunning 19th Century churches with their elaborately decorated interiors, built circa 1840 to 1920 in the area around Schulenburg, Texas, by Czech, Wendish and German immigrants.

Baroque Art: a fantastic collection of paintings, some dating back to the Middle Ages.

The Missions of San Antonio: visit the Spanish missions in San Antonio, Texas. Most tourists visit only the Alamo, missing out on so much of San Antonio's history.

Santo Domingo: photo gallery showing the Dominican Republic the way I remember it, not the way you see in the tourist books. My family lived there for 27 years. Anyone planning a vacation should consider Santo Domingo as their next destination. As the first European city in America, its historical monuments and history offer so much more than the isolated beach resorts. Forget Punta Cana and Altos de Chavón.

Vintage Car Photo Gallery: Visit my photo gallery of vintage and antique cars. These photos were taken in Dick's Classic Car Museum and the Central Texas Museum of Automotive History. If you do not have the opportunity to visit either museum, I hope you will enjoy my photos online. This car photo gallery has over two hundred photos on seven pages!

Jupiter: some photos of Jupiter and the moon above Austin.

Cars: If you are thinking about buying a vintage car, take a look at these scans from old editions of Consumer Reports to judge the repair history of the car before you buy:    1963-68    66-71    70-73    72-77    78-83   

Slickcar: for every kind of information about taking care of your car.

Minimum Payments: use this calculator to find how many years it will take to pay off your credit card if you only make the minimum payments.

Social Stratification: Sociology students will be interested to read Dr. Cecil Headrick's thesis, explaining how the American Dream was systematically denied to the majority of Americans. Though Cecil wrote his thesis in 1941, so much of it remains true today!

Compendio Jurídico Dominicano: Estudiantes de la ley dominicana y abogados también pueden leer gratis el compendio del Dr. William C. Headrick, un abogado en Santo Domingo entre 1974 y 2002. Sus otros libros incluyen "Tendencias actuales del derecho francés," "Los derechos humanos en Europa y América," y su última obra en 2008: "Diez años de jurisprudencia civil y comercial (1997-2002)."

Genealogy: the Headrick Family tree. Originally from Scotland, William Headrick emigrated to America in 1753. His descendants settled in Greeneville, Tennessee. I am a ninth generation American and a son of the Revolution. I have ancestors from Finland (Jakobstad), Scotland (Perthshire), France (Marseille), and England (Norfolk). Records of some of my French ancestors, the Delascours, go back as far as 1420. Find your ancestors on Geneanet, and build a website about your family tree.

Non vitae sed scholae discimus.

Sedbergh School: Dura virum nutrix. Ad astra per aspera sed diutissime de profundis clamavi ad te Domine.

University of St. Andrews: Caelum denique Deo gratias per saecula saeculorum amen.

College of William and Mary: Otium cum dignitate in omnia paratus. Ludo ergo sum.

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