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Watch Gallery: showing photos of numerous watch mechanisms in various stages of disassembly. Most collectors do not get to see what their watches look like when they are taken apart.

Oklahoma State University: offering the finest courses for watch repair, together with WOSTEP (Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Education Program), offering an Associate Degree in Applied Science and preparation for certification.

Watch Escapements: be overwhelmed by the vast number of different escapements in existence! Four pages of escapement drawings. Also visit their Glossary of watch words and their Balance Wheels from watches. These pages are absolutely a must-see!

Watch History: see a concise history of horology in this Swiss website. IN ENGLISH!

Tony Axelzon: of Sweden. This is onother fascinating page for European watch links! IN ENGLISH!

Timezone: has a discussion Forum about collecting watches.

Equation of Time: is another discussion forum about watches. Also visit their Watch Reviews Board.

Luis Blank's: horology page. Very nice indeed. Auf Deutsch! Mr. Blank has developed two extensive links pages, one primarily of Wristwatch Manufacturers (whose sites are available in English, German, French and Italian), and another primarily of other German websites.

Bulova Accutron: Sean Connor (UK) provides this excellent technical description. If you like Accutrons, this is a must.

Bulova Accutron: Rob Berkavicius (Australia) provides another must-see page for Accutron enthusiasts!

Walt Odets has written these excellent essays, all well worth reading: The Anchor (Swiss Lever) Escapement , The Balance Wheel , The Basic Principles of Watch Adjusting , The Watch Motion Works , The Watch Keyless Works.

Ignacio Martin: from Salamanca, Spain, has an terrific website! You must see his page about how to clean and lubricate a wristwatch, with photos. En Español!

Société Suisse de Chronométrie: Swiss Society of Chronometry. En Français. IN ENGLISH TOO!

W@TCHES.CH: A Swiss horology website. See their Links Page. IN ENGLISH!

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